Product Details

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Model: WA-V 04l

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

The clean air filtered through the HEPA filter forms the vertical airflow from the ceiling to the bottom area, and maintains the work space as positive pressure (+) with class 100 cleanliness.

Key Feature:

  • Vertical Laminar Airflow
  • Pre filter, HEPA filter
  • UV lamp
  • FL lamp (36 W x1 ea)
  • Gas valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Stand with wheel
  • CE marked

Technical Specifications:

Exterior (W x D x H) 1385x810x1590
Interior (W x D xH) 1250x615x655
Door 5mm Tempered safety glass
Control Panel LCD panel
Required sash level 203mm (8 inch)
External Material SPCC / Al epoxy powder coated
Internal Material Stainless steel 304
Support Stand SPP
Filter HEPA filter > 99.995% at 0.3㎛
Noise Level 67dB
FL Lamp 36W x 2EA
UV Lamp 30W x 1EA
Options Additional service valves, Stainless steel IV bar, Exhaust canopy connection (for A2 type)