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Model: WACM-295

Cryostat Microtome WACM-295

This model has an ergonomic design and is manufactured using numerically-controlled machine tools. A specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade damage. A trim button allows for easy switching between trim and sectioning mode.


  • Includes a counting function for the number of sections and the total thickness;
  • The cryogenic refrigeration system utilizes a forced cooling structure. The refrigeration chamber, freezing shelf, blade holder, and specimen holder are cooled independently by a German double compressor to enhance cooling performance and increase cooling speed.
  • Imported R404A non-CFC refrigerants that are environment-friendly;
  • Achieves the desirable sectioning temperature within 20 minutes after turning on the unit when using the fast cooling mode;
  • UV option enables surface disinfection of harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores by using 35 min after each use; It also has low-voltage DC shadowless lamp;
  • Semiconductor cooling function can be turned on and off;
  • Hearable and removable glass door;
  • Two defrosting modes: time defrosting and manual defrosting;
  • Microtome is outside of the refrigeration chamber to avoid the effect of heat-expansion and cold-contraction, thus minimizing the need for maintenance;
  • User-friendly intelligent operational interface is easy to learn and operate;
  • LCD screen displays the number of sections and the total thickness, section thickness, specimen retraction value, temperature setting, date, time, temperature and on/off timer are all included on the main display;
  • Auto sleep function results in longer compressor life: the cryo-chamber temperature automatically stays in a range of -1 to -9℃ under the sleep mode, and returns to the sectioning temperature within 15 minutes after canceling the sleep mode;
  • Keyboard locking function to avoid accident disoperation;
  • A mechanical hand-wheel lock ensure safe chamber access, 16 position for locking;
  • The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables easy changing of the blade;
  • A large-size quick-freezing shelf allows for the preparation of 17 specimens at the same time; Two holes for semiconductor refrigeration;
  • It has cleaning device, easy help customer to clean the unit;
  • Specimen Orientation: XY – 8°; Z– 360° adjustable at any orientations to ensure precise placement;
  • Self-detection function for the temperature senor, can help to warn the failure on temperature senor.

Technical Specifications:

Model WACM-295
Chamber Temperature: from-10℃ ~ -40℃
Specimen Head Temperature: -10℃ ~ -40℃
Time to reach -40℃ of the quick-freeze shelf: 60 minutes
Lowest possible temperature of the Peltier element: -45℃
Lowest possible temperature of the Peltier element together with quick-freeze shelf: below -60℃
Running time of the Peltier element: 15 minutes
Maximum Specimen Size: 35mm × 35mm
Specimen Vertical Stroke: 60mm
Specimen Horizontal Stroke: 20mm
Electric Coarse Feed: rapid 0.7mm/s; slow 0.35mm/s
The section thickness is adjusted: in a range of 1μm to 100μm
• 1μm - 20μm increments 1μm;
• 20μm - 40μm increments 2μm;
• 40μm - 100μm increments 5μm;
Trim Section Thickness Feed: adjusted in the range of 10μm to 400μm
• 10μm - 50μm increments 5μm;
• 50μm - 100μm increments 10μm;
• 100μm - 400μm increments 50μm;
Working Voltage: AC220V±10%50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10%60Hz
Power: 600W
Dimensions: 650×800×1160mm (W×D×H)
Net Weight: 115kg