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Model: WFH-CF-90-A​

Cabinet Ductless Metal- WFH-CF-90-A

Key Feature:

  • Aerodynamic construction for smooth wave-free airflow
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly digital control system for regulating fan speed, lighting and airflow velocity, and for indicating any obstructions in the filter.
  • Quality active charcoal filter, plus washable preliminary filter for preventing obstructions in the charcoal filter
  • Monitor indicating fan’s total working time, for tracking and filter replacement purposes
  • Airflow velocity of 0.5 meters per second, with open window, compliant with relevant standards
  • Epoxy covered, oven tempered metal construction and tempered glass windows allowing observation of work inside the unit
  • Top quality, quiet fan from EBM Germany
  • Sash tempered glass window set on tracks, enabling significant closing of the hood opening
  • Eco-friendly, cost-effective LED lighting

Technical Specifications:

Model WFH-CF-90-A
Outer Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 x 710 x 1100 mm
Workspace (W x D x H): 540 x 615 x 700 mm
Production/Test Standard: EN-14175 / CE / ASHRAE 110-1995 / ISO-9001:2008
Air Velocity: 0.6±0.1m/s, 120±20 FP
Cabinet Material: High grade cold rolled steel and surface is static powder coated
Noise Level: <52dB (Tested 20 cm from the work table, 1.2m above ground)
Power Supply Options: 110/220V 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Illumination: >800 LUX
Filter: Charcoal Filter/ HEPA Filter
Stand (W x D x H): 600 x 800 x 800 mm
Water Tap: CF-W-TAP
Electrical: CF-SOCKET
Gas Tap: CF-G-TAP