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Model: WA-1300B

Biological Safety Cabinet Series Class II​

 WA-1300B Series is a product of BSC Class II type A2, which can protect effectively all of the researcher, product and environment.70% of the airflow at work space is re-circulated through the HEPA filter, and 30% of it is exhausted to the outside through HEPA filter, and the polluted airflow is not leaked as perfectly surrounded by the negative pressure.

Key Feature:

  • EN
  • Stand with wheel
  • FL lamp (2x 36W)
  • UV lamp (1x 30W)
  • HEPA filters (2 ea)

Technical Specifications:

Exterior (W x D x H) 1385x810x1590
Interior (W x D xH) 1250x615x655
Door 5mm Tempered safety glass
Control Panel LCD panel
Required sash level 203mm (8 inch)
External Material SPCC / Al epoxy powder coated
Internal Material Stainless steel 304
Support Stand SPP
Filter HEPA filter > 99.995% at 0.3㎛
Noise Level 67dB
FL Lamp 36W x 2EA
UV Lamp 30W x 1EA
Options Additional service valves, Stainless steel IV bar, Exhaust canopy connection (for A2 type)