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Model: WATP-TS6

Automatic Tissue Processor

WATP-TS6Automatic tissue  processor  is  equipment that  Perform fixing,  dehydrating,  transparency  and wax immersing  treatment for  tissue  of  human  beings,  animals  or plants.  It’s widely  applied in  pathologic  departments  of  various  hospitals, pathologic teaching  offices of various  medical  colleges  and  universities, animal  and  plant scientific  research  institute  and food  inspection department.


  • Microcomputer controlling of the whole operating process so as to ensure operating convenience and working stability
  • Tissue basket relocating controlling perch enabling the tissue to be put in any jar
  • Electricity protection and obstacle protection functions
  • Agitation dehydrate mode to guarantee the complete mix and contact with the tissue, solvent and paraffin so as to achieve good dehydrate effect
  • Large LCD screen showing every step of processing and easy for monitoring
  • Constant temperature controlling system adopted on the paraffin jar to ensure high precision of temperature controlling, nonstick TEFLON coating painted on the internal surface that provide the good condition for tissue protection.

Technical Specifications:

Model WATP-TS6
Processing jar: 12
Reagent jar Quantity: 9
Reagent jar Capacity: l.2L (2.3L Big capacity)
Paraffin jar Quantity: 3
Paraffin jar Quantity: 1L (1.8L Big capacity)
Paraffin jar Temperature setting: 45 - 85C (+3"C)
Program Jar processing time: 0 - 99 hours 59 mins
Program Delay time: 0-39 days 23 hours 59 mins
Tissue basket stir: >10 times / hour
Net weight: 60 kg.
Overall dimension: 670mm (Diameter) x 556 - 680mm (Height)
Power supply: 500Hz
Working Temperature: 5 - 40C
Humidity level: < 85%